Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Salut manège que je suis trop grande
Bye merry-go-round I'm too big for

Salut les animaux des Halles
Bye animals of the market

Salut les jeux intenses à Le Serpant Volant
Bye intense games at The Flying Serpant

Salut les mannequins folles
Bye crazy mannequins

Salut les chapellier que j'aime
Bye hat shop I love

Salut le monstre des Halles
Bye "les Halles" monster

Salut les prétendus jardins de Tours
Bye so-called gardens
of Tours

Salut les meubles politiquement incorrect
Bye politically incorrect furniture

Salut la voiture détruit par le feu à Carrefour
Bye burned-down car outside of Carrefour

Monday, July 6, 2009

Et Plus!

Continuing on my updates (whoa, so soon after my last one, how cool am I?) The weekend after the Fête de la Musique, just about everyone on the face of the earth went off to Paris - except for me. So, in order to find amusement, Dane, Jordon, Katie and I went off to visit a chateau, because what else is there to do in the Loire Valley? Anyway, it was off to Azay-le-Rideau. For the most part it was just us exploring the chateau, but we did take the French tour, which explained a lot of cool information on it.
The lake makes it magestic, no? The inside wasn't as exciting, and I was having a hard time keeping track of which kings lived there when and with what wife (oi!) but in all enjoyable.
<--- Check out those sweet handrails

Jordon is beyond interested in intricate doors--->

We even made a little friend. Salut petite chauve-souris!

Katie and Dane showed us some pretty awesome tricks (due to the fact Dane could do magic, it's a video and I shall not add it), and after the tour of the Chateau we were hot and tired - thus a lawn-nap ensued.
<-- Impressive, non? Sleepy boys, sleepy boys-->

As I have previously stated, the weather last week in Tours was god.damn.hot. Unbearably so. Or perhaps it is the fact that there is so much humidity, and I am unaccustomed to humidity. I don't like sweating, and I surely do not like sweating while you are just laying around in bed reading. Joy. Anyway, Madison and I decided we'd try to go on a little swim in the Loire. We spotted other people doing it and hell, if they can, so can we, right? Anyway, when we got out there it was just a little to algaefied, so we just waded instead. The Loire is surprisingly shallow and calm, so we were able to walk out a good distance.
Ah, la vie en rose, non?