Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harder Than I Thought

Man! Maintaining this blog is harder than I thought it would be! The problem? Too much to say and show and not enough time or patience to do so. France is just so great... can I live here? It's awesome.

The main reason for my shift in viewpoint is the change of my living situation. I had a little problem with my old host-mom going through my bags and bureau and such (which I say is not okay) and that added to the weird eating-everything-on-the-plate ("what, are you 12?" - Heidi) I had to run. So... now I am on the long-term stays of a hostel. It's a great location, next door is a cheap student lunch place, across the street the Loire, and a block from Place Plumereau, nice, no? The only problem is that the Koreans who live on my floor with me are a little loud. The extra money which would normally be given to the host-family is going to be given to me for my food purchases. The hostel has a full kitchen and three fridges. It's fine with me, though I've already lost a head of lettuce and now a soy pudding! For now I just moved my stuff to a different fridge (less used) and if it happens again I'll pay the 10E for my own fridge.

So I've been making more new friends (yay!) and have been going out a lot, it's pretty grand. Other than just meandering around the city, we decided to go to a winery on Friday, Vouvray. It's pretty simple: hop a bus, get a little lost but as some really nice guy, walk to the location, get a tour and drink wine! The total in all was less than 5E, score. We also had a really sweet guy for the tour (though he laughed as I spoke to him in French though we spoke fluent English for us. Some pictures for you:
<- Us walking along, yay.
Imagine 3k of caves like so ->

<- The carving of Bacchus in the cave
The awesomeness of us ->
(Jenna, Katie, Jean, Jill, Amelia, Amber, Madison)

Today (Saturday), we went off to Amboise and Blois, but th
ose pictures you shall have to wait for, along with the pictures of my room and what not. But on parting, I shall leave you with my new obsession: Troglodytes. Yes, the are houses in the Loire valley cut into the stone, and each has it's own wine cave. How great is that.


  1. Lost a head of lettuce? I guess they're doing trial runs with the guillotine again.

    PS- Those houses in the rock are très cool.

  2. Hola Jill!!
    Gaby here. Glad to watch your pictures (specially the cave) and read how hard has been update the blog... It means you're having a great time there and enjoying yourself, people and places!!
    Best greetings from Mexico

  3. I loved reading about your travels. It's been ages since I've been anywhere near Europe. Live it up :-)