Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yes, I've been a little lost lately. Lost in my own world, at a loss for time, losing sleep, so on and so forth. Anyway, here goes:

First we had the FĂȘte de la Musique, which is a large musical festival all throughout the country. It starts at 22h (8pm) on a Sunday, and ends at 5h (5am) on the next Monday. Every 20 to 50 ft there is a different stage set up which plays a whole bunch of different types of music and bands. Additionally, there is a marching band which goes up and down every street throughout the time. Pretty cool, yes, but there was much too much French bands attempting to play American songs. Note to France: Oasis' 'Wonderwall' is not as great as you think it is.

Also, the Soldes sales are going on. It pretty much means all of the stores are having huge sales. Great, no? Well it would be if it were like America, where all the large sizes are taken and all the smaller ones left to those of us who fit, but NO! French people wear my size, and thus I am unable to find cheap, cute things to buy. GR!

Last week I headed down to the Harry Potter Train with some friends. It sounded really exciting, until we got there and realized it was just a regular SNCF train which some decorations on the inside. Ah well, some highlights nonetheless:

<--- Matt and Amelia getting Quidditch Supplies, wow! Katie at Fourish & Blotts--->

And yes, I am bad-ass pals with Professor Snape, thank you very much:

Last weekend, most of the other area kids (Alabama, South Carolina, Penn, etc.) left as they were here for a four week class and the U had a five week class. We had a couple of "verres" with our awesome French teacher and did all the goodbye things. Grand.

As I was saying, we had a lot of time hanging with our awesome possum professor, Frederic. He's just one cool guy, raised in the suburbs of Paris, but was lucky enough to get to go to college and get out of there. He has some great stories on how he avoided joining the army and just the crazy sort of stuff he did. It was also interesting to hear him - a socialist like myself - go head-to-head (yet all very calmly and collectedly) against the very right-wing Ron in our class. He took it better than I did. I do not like being told I would rather kill someone than be killed, as honestly, I think I'd rather be killed. I also do not like being told all the good things which come with strict liquor laws and openly available guns. Joy.
Awe, what a cute class. Sadly, my last week was a class that was way too easy for me on "le gout" (the taste) of Tours. A cool subject, including trips to Les Halles (indoor market, really great), le marche des fermes (farmer's market), and a cheese, wine, and bread tasting day. The teacher was SO sweet and we read an interesting book, but I still missed my old class... and still do!

Now, I promise to return soon with a new post. I already have ideas for two more, and due to the lack of loads of people here to entertain me, I'll probably have the time.

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  1. Yo! About damn time, missy. Commentary:

    Re: Wonderwall. Watch this video, I suspect it will explain all.

    If you would like to go solding some time in Paris, we can see what we can find in your size here. I suspect that's something that we might be more interested in than Chas ;-).

    You look like a BAMF with Snape. We only have "Avada Kevadra" Snape posters in Paris, so I'm jealous of your special Snape poster.

    I enjoy your pics inside l'Institut, cause I'm like "awe, I recognize that place."