Thursday, June 18, 2009


Alright, as I've been rather busy, I'll just give you guys the gist of what I've been up to. First, my new 'digs.'
<--- My neighbors
My Street--->

On my floor there are a lot of different nations, some French, some American, and Moroccan, some Korean (a.k.a. the loud ones) and for the most part they speak French, though I haven't done too much chatting with them as of yet. The Koreans just stare at me if I enter the room and are silent until I leave (unless I say something), and the rest aren't around all that much.

<--- Cute park pas loins de m'auberge
View from my window --->

Last weekend we went to a couple of Chateaus (Amboise and Blois) which were pretty fantastic. I have a TON of pictures so I will not wear you down with them all. Amboise is pretty much you classique Chateau, very pretty, and in the fun little town that's rather dedicated to Di Vinci as he lived there and conducted many of his experiments at the Chateau. Blois is a chateau which was built over the time-period of four different kings, thus has SO many different styles to it. It is known as the asymmetrical one. It was cool just for that fact, though I found the inside to be rather hideous. (Think purple and yellow floors... what the hell?)

Sunday, a couple of the girls and myself wondered around to the fetes which are ever popular here. There was the Grande Marchee, which was pretty much a gigantic yard sale at Les Halles. I got a .50 mug as there were none at the hostel (it turns out Madison had taken the only one for tea whenever she pleased) and a 4E purse, which I found a couple of stamps inside of. My pleasure with this find was doubled when I saw almost the exact same purse at Monoprix for 29E. Take that over-priced items!!! Next we hit up the Fete des Livres, which had used books, new books, hard-to-find books, authors, and even comic books there. I attempted to find some English books but they only had junky ones. (I've become the lending-library amongst my friends, but I have lent out and read all but one book, and thus need more to continue!) I did find an awesome gift for my papa, however, which I'm hoping he will enjoy.

Other than that, my life is pretty much: wake up, go to school, meander the town with friends, read, run or bike, meander the town more or chill at Place Plumereau, then head to bed. A lot of that, and it's so perfect for me. I love it!


  1. wtf...very jealous. give me his address so i can ...oh wait, i'm a stalker. i have it already...just kidding! hahahaha

  2. 1) Nice new digs. Nice view out of window. I am mildly wierded out by the fact that I have the exact same photo of that park, but it's a very nice little park behind Place Plume, no? And due to your window shot, I now know where you live. I am a creeper.

    2) Monoprix sucks ass and is super overpriced. They're a French version of Target, but they don't realize it and so all their clothes are really fucking expensive.

    3) Café Chaud??